3D visualistion is how it all started at Craft and we are all about being able to create true to life representations of what our clients envision. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were just the logical follow-ons from 3D visualization.

3D visualization is a lot older than we think as you don’t need a computer to visualize an environment or product in 3D. Humanity has been creating visualisations in one form or another for thousands of years. From rock paintings to 3d perspective renderings, the only change is the technology we are using to achieve a realistic representation of what we wish to create.

We use the latest software technology to visualize 3D environments or products. Utilising real time rendering engines to create photo-realistic walkthroughs, we create a second to none end-user experience for various platforms, from Mobile to Desktop applications. Being able to visualize an environment or product before it is actually put into production is an invaluable sales tool across multiple industries.


Virtual Reality - Visualisation - Design