Join us on the journey

Virtual Reality

Join us on the journey

Virtual Reality is definitely not a new technology, but it is a technology progressing at a tremendous rate right now worldwide. South Africa is somewhat behind in embracing the technology on a larger scale, but the opportunities available for early-adopters in this emerging market are literally endless.

Craft is one of the pioneers in Virtual Reality technology here in South Africa. We utilize the latest in Virtual Reality hardware and software to achieve the ultra-realism in our VR experiences. What sets us apart from the rest of the VR companies is that we are the first to offer Fully Immersive VR experiences using the HTC Vive virtual reality system. This differs a lot from the mobile VR solutions we see a lot of today which utilize a mobile phone and the use of 360 degree video.

While we also offer mobile VR 360 solutions, we are the first to use Fully Immersive virtual reality for commercial applications other than gaming. An immersive virtual reality environment is completely digitally created and does not rely on pre-existing environments. The environments created are literally up to the artist’s imagination.

Picture yourself being able to walk around and interact with your newly built home before a brick has even been laid, or transport yourself to a luxury hotel room in the Islands of Bora Bora, all in the comfort of your office or home.

Customer experiences are becoming the next generation of Virtual Reality technology. Imagine being able to give your potential customer chance to view or experience your product or showroom in a virtual world, where you are not limited to the amount of space or stock it carries. Update your showroom and products on the fly. Allow your customer to choose finishes, materials and lighting. It’s endless.

This is no longer science-fiction, this is happening right now and we invite you to join us on the journey.

Some of our latest VR solutions in action


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How we add value

Custom Solutions

While markets emerge in this exciting space, opportunities present themselves every day. Believe us, there is so much it keeps us up at night! If you have a project that you feel can benefit from any one of our solutions. Get in touch, let’s make it happen.

Early Adoption

However your project is approached, you can be assured you are one of the first to embrace this type of technology within your field. Early adoption of technology is about striking when the iron is hot and providing a unique, exciting and first to market solution for your clients.

Latest Technology

We only use the latest technology and the majority of our revenue is put back into furthering our technology. It is actually one of our company policies. Your project not only grows our business and yours, it helps us fund even better solutions for you.

Results Driven

To most people, Craft lives in another dimension in terms of how we approach a new project. We are forward thinking people, but we also know how to run a business. Bleeding edge technology like Virtual Reality is a lot of fun, but we believe in order for it to be useful it must get the results our clients are searching for. Whether it be to drive sales or just add a bit of fun to your corporate event, the end game remains the same. Results.


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