Marketers, retailers and manufacturers listen up.

Retail & Branding

Marketers, retailers and manufacturers listen up.

There is a watershed moment happening in the tech space at the moment which is harnessing the power of web based 3D representations of products in catalogues or e-commerce applications.

This in now becoming the norm in Japan and Europe and Craft has spent a lot of time in producing various solutions to view 3D data. We are able to provide this solution to you today and give you the early adopted and disruptive edge. Providing your customer a  unique buying or sales experience in being able to visualise and customise your product in 3D.

Advances in web based 3D graphics are allowing us to now harness the power of 3D visualisation in a web based format. If you are marketer, retailer or manufacturer of any given product, we have the solution for you.

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Stunning photo-realistic models

  • No more high costs for product photography
  • True to life materials and lighting
  • Customise on the fly on your website

VR capable

  • All models are VR ready
  • View your products in Full Room Scale VR
  • View your products in Mobile 360 VR

AR capable

  • Integrate your 3D models into an AR application
  • View your products on the fly with only a mobile device
  • See your product in true scale in a real world environment

No 3D  knowledge required

  • We can capture your product into a 3D model
  • We can also capture your entire catalogue
  • Integrate your 3D model into 3D environments


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