The most powerful and cost-effective sales to out there

Property Development

The most powerful and cost-effective sales tool you will ever use

Any property developer that is worth their salt understands that marketing and sales is the cornerstone of a successful development.

Your sales communication and conversion processes need to be at the top of their game in order to stay in business.

Our visualisation tools are not only a high tech way to see what a building will look like before it’s built, it’s a customer experience like no other and we will testify that we offer one of the most powerful sales tools out there.

It is also an invaluable tool for your team members as well, whether it be your contractor, architect or engineer or even your sales team. You are quickly able to visualise any possible problems and address these in the design phase, this mitigates any costly on-site deviations later in the process.

We recently completed our use case study at the exclusive residential development Steyn City. Here we worked hand in hand with the client, architect, engineer, kitchen contractor and building contractor to create a real-to-life digital version of the clients house before ground was even broken. We were able assess the view, the lighting, the furniture layouts, bathroom layouts, kitchen layouts, the finishes and were even able to pick up a possible waterproofing issue.

What’s more is that the client could now see how a 2D floorplan and a few 3D renderings translated into liveable 3D space. She was thrilled to be able to walk in the loft and check the roof height, feel the space of the kitchen area and know what the lighting would be like in her study at 3pm in the afternoon.

Giving your customer or client the ability to walk through your development in real time, means they are given an opportunity to feel the space, look at and choose finishes, understand the room layouts and have a virtual experience of what it would be like to live or work there. This process happens before the structure is built or ground is even broken.

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Powerful and cost-effective sales tool

  • No more costly and dull printed 3D renderings
  • No more costly print bills for sales media
  • Communicate your design philosophy instantaneously

Real time rendered 3D

  • No more waiting for costly static renders
  • Visualise a space from every angle in real time rendered 3D
  • Change finishes on the fly

Be an Early Adopter

  • Increase your competitive edge
  • Showcase your development using the latest in technology
  • Embrace new tools that will change the market

Fully Customisable

  • We can create custom solutions to meet your needs
  • Include your branding in your presentation
  • Link to suppliers and manufacturers

Identify problems in Real-Time

  • Identify possible design issues up front
  • Visualise elements that you cannot see on a 2D floorplan
  • Save on costly deviations before the construction phase

Easy to Use

  • Navigate the environment with a virtual floor plan
  • Making updates to your experience has never been easier
  • Be transported into your VR environment in a few minutes

Cross-platform solutions

Available for mobile, web and desktop – Portable take away presentations – Completely scalable

Roomscale VR


Explore your experience in the world of fully immersive virtual reality on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift

360° VR


Explore and share your experience using Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard



Your experiences can run on your desktop computer as a stand-alone program

Web & Mobile


Your experience can be viewed and shared on the web and your mobile device

How it Works

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 and 4


Send us your design and requirements

Send us your design in CAD format or your 3D model format. Provide us with your deadlines. We will provide you with feedback if we require any further details. We accept a number of formats for CAD formats and 3D model formats.


Choose your options

We provide various platform deliveries – From simple 3D renders to 3D walkthroughs in VR, Desktop, Mobile and 360 VR. We also offer you options on the level of detail. From a simple grey scale to fully furnished and  photo-realistic. Chat to us if you unsure on what options you have.


Brief, Quote and Go Ahead

With the information provided, we scope your project and define the brief for your project. Once we have this captured we provide you with a detailed quote. Once you are happy we have the scope covered, we begin the process.


Design & Delivery

We begin creating your virtual world. During the process we will provide feedback and review sessions based on your requirements. Once we have signed off, we deliver the project in the various formats and platforms we have available.

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