It goes without saying that the Craft team are gamers at heart.

Our studio not only produces experiences and solutions for commercial and industrial applications, our talents are being used to have fun and create games for a variety of platforms. Between our commercial project schedule, any down time or Friday afternoons are either spent gaming or spent creating our own games. From the beginning days of NES and Super Mario, Mega Drive and Sonic the Hedgehog to getting our first Playstation and experiencing 3D graphics. Or battling it out for years on Quake, Unreal Tournament, Counterstike or WOW. We have and always will have our roots set in games. Since the dawn of VR, this has opened up a whole new chapter for gaming.

Check out the titles we are busy on below:

A Night in the Woods


Pizzaboy VR


Wipe 'Em Out


If you ever wonder if we get to sleep while creating all the things that we do, the answer is more not than often. That said all our projects are collaborations between a group of creative people from all over the world, not only South Africa.

We are always looking for collaborators, so if you think you may have something you can contribute get in touch

Or try see us at the next gaming meetup. You can can check out up and coming meetups at


Virtual Reality - Visualisation - Design