Bring Virtual Reality to your next event with Craft

VR Events

Bring Virtual Reality to your next event with Craft

Are you becoming a bit tired of the mainstay photobooths, mixologists and magicians for your event or corporate function? Is it just feeling like the same old corporate function where the boss leaves early and you are left to deal with the inebriated intern who lost his keys?

Do you need something really different and impressive to keep your clients smiling and looking forward to another year of business with you?

Well then your guests need to take a bite of the mind blowing and forthcoming world of Virtual Reality. Let us literally leave your guests lost for words or laughing until their stomachs are sore, by letting them experience the latest technology of Virtual Reality. This is not a box that you stick your phone in and pretend to ride a rollercoaster. We actually transport you to a virtual 3D world. Often times absolutely hilarious when watching your CFO clinging to the side of a virtual building and sometimes we’ll be honest, a little terrifying it can only be understood in actually experiencing it.


Embrace the Future

We are invested in the latest technology and software that the world has to offer with our HTC Vive Virtual Reality System and the world’s best Virtual Reality experiences from the world’s best developers including ourselves.

The VR Experience is a lot of fun, but it will also open your company up to new ideas and possible business opportunities in the latest disruptive and bleeding edge technology since we all bought drones and filmed each other.

Check out some of the experiences on offer:

Richies Plank Experience

Are you afraid of heights? We hope so!

Walk a virtual plank high above the city and test your nerve against your better judgement. Not for the faint hearted.

The Lab

By far one of the most revolutionary VR experiences to date.

The Lab is brought to you by Valve, the pioneers behind the HTC Vive. Experience incredible 3D environments, fix a broken robot or shoot arrows at oncoming enemies.

VR Funhouse

Experience the Fun House

Nividia brings the latest in virtual physics to the VR Funhouse. Shoot guns, spray paint and chop balloons with swords. The experience is all in the name. A whole lot of fun!

Custom Experiences


Need a custom experience for your brand?

No problem. We can create experiences based on your requirements. Product launches, PR experiences or something a little bit different from the norm. Let us craft what you need.

Team Building VR Experiences

We also offer a unique team building experience based on a world renowned VR experience called “No one talks we all explode” which pits each team against each other in being able to defuse a bomb. The bomb defuser, who is placed into the Virtual Reality world is the only member who can see the bomb, the other team members must use their bomb defusal manual and decipher the defuser’s descriptions.


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