AR takes Virtual Reality and mixes that with what you actually see in real reality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality has existed on its own for some time, but of late its cousin Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) as it’s known, has come onto the scene to completely change the way humans will interact with each other and the environment they live.

AR takes Virtual Reality (a complete digital fantasy experience) and mixes that with what you actually see in reality. Leaps and bounds are being made in creating the hardware to do this, which in simple terms will be headset or even a pair of glasses which will project virtual reality items with real world items.

Craft has been gearing itself for some time in preparing our software technology to embrace the coming wave of Augmented Reality experiences.

The exciting thing about AR is that you don’t need a fancy headset to experience what it has to offer. A smart phone or tablet can plug you into this technology with a simple visit to your favourite app store. There are tons of experiences and apps already available.

We use readable markers or geo-located models in our AR environment. You simply point your phone camera at the marker or the geo-location and up pops a fully animated and intractable 3d model right in the view finder.

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